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To enrich the cultural offer which Palazzo Marchetti is already committed to, The Associazione Didime '90 i planning an ambitious project that reinforces the existing historic vocation of the island towards the cinema: the construction of a new cinema-auditorium with a capacity of 200 seats, situated in the area outside the Palazzo.

An innovative building, technically advanced, covid-free thanks to the incredible removable roof, with available space not only for those who love cinema, but also for courses designed in collaboration with Italian and international schools of music, cinema and direction, even in periods of the year outside the main tourist season. The organization of Masterclasses, in fact, will make it possible to enrich the cultural offer even in winter and to make the nuances of the island known and appreciated 365 days a year.

In order to carry out the cinema-auditorium project and cover the costs of construction, it has been created a crowd-funding platform based on donations, in order to give the opportunity to passionates about Salina, cinema and whoever is interested, to be able to make their contribution to the project.

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For any information do not hesitate to get in touch with Palazzo Marchetti.
DIDIME '90 association will answer as soon as possible.
Palazzo Marchetti is on social networks with its official profiles. Please follow the hashtag #CinemaPerSalina.

We support the Project

Many celebrities from the star system, cinema, television and culture, know and support the project. Help us to create the Cine-Auditorium of Salina.

Maria Grazia Cucinotta
Maria Grazia CucinottaHelp us to build the cine-auditorium in Salina, a natural set for the cinema. Play Mara Grazia's message
Daniel Speck
Daniel SpeckDaniel Speck tells us about story and art, music and cinema in Salina. Listen his own words and suppurt us
NoaNoa supports the project to make Salina the Culture and Musical capital in the Mediterranean sea

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If you care about culture and think that cinema can be an important means of beauty, knowledge and civilization, let's support the Project of the association. Make a donation for Salina!

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